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Schimmelfennig, Frank, and Thomas Winzen. 2020. Ever Looser Union? Differentiated European Integration. Oxford: Oxford University Press (in press).

Winzen, Thomas. 2017. Constitutional preferences and parliamentary reform: Explaining national parliaments’ adaptation to European integration. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Selected articles

Rocabert, Jofre, Frank Schimmelfennig, Lori Crasnic, and Thomas Winzen. 2019. The Rise of International Parliamentary Institutions: Purpose and Legitimation. The Review of International Organizations.

Winzen, Thomas, Rik de Ruiter, and Jofre Rocabert. 2018. “Is parliamentary attention to the EU strongest when it is needed the most? National parliaments and the selective debate of EU policies.” European Union Politics 19 (3):481-501.

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Winzen, Thomas. 2012. “National parliamentary control of European Union affairs: a cross-national and longitudinal comparison.” West European Politics 35 (3): 657-72.

Advanced works-in-progress

Schimmelfennig, Frank, Thomas Winzen, Tobias Lenz, Rocabert, Jofre, Lori Crasnic, Cristina Gherasimov, and Densua Mumford. The Rise of International Parliaments: Strategic Legitimation in International Organizations. Book manuscript.

Winzen, Thomas, and David Weyrauch. Beyond “rough consensus and running code”: Selective participation in the Internet Engineering Task Force. Unpublished manuscript.

Winzen, Thomas, and Jofre Rocabert. Citizen-centered or state-centered: The representational design of international parliaments. Unpublished manuscript.


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