International Parliamentary Institutions Dataset (IPIdata)

The International Parliamentary Institutions Dataset (IPIdata) codes information on the institutional authority and organization of 54 international parliamentary institutions (IPIs) from 1945 to 2019. The data collection was funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation via the NCCR Democracy. The data and documentation is available via the link above. Please email me or one of the other authors if you have questions.

If you use the data in your research, please cite:

Schimmelfennig, Frank, Thomas Winzen, Tobias Lenz, Jofre Rocabert, Lori Crasnic, Cristina Gherasimov, Jana Lipps, and Densua Mumford. 2020. The Rise of International Parliaments: Strategic Legitimation in International Organizations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Thomas Winzen
Thomas Winzen
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